Telegram does not work, what is going on?

If you wanted to use right now, Telegram or from a little while ago, you’ll see that Telegram does not work. Telegram is fallen in Europe. Takes many minutes or even hours of giving problems to many users, so that their operation is being disrupted.

you’re Not the only person who throughout this morning has been experiencing connection problems in Telegram, because it is certain that the popular messaging service are giving problems to the users that can’t use it normally, and are having to opt for SMS or WhatsApp.

Actualización de Telegram con soporte para Marshmallow

Telegram is fallen in Spain

During the last hours we have seen that Telegram is experiencing connection issues, is not working well in many countries of Europe and the Middle East. One of the countries in which the Telegram is giving problem today is in Spain.

Telegram is not working. It is fallen and it is giving problems to the users in many parts of the world, mainly in Europe, the Middle East, and of course, affects Spain, that is why users who use Telegram every day have found that all of a sudden the messaging service does not work.

This is not a matter of the users, because the children themselves Telegram we announced it on Twitter through a tweet, what that demonstrates, is that it is a huge problem that they have had, nothing’s going to happen too fast because it’s already giving you trouble hours ago.

Telegram is working in the solution

Telegram is working in the solution. They’ll fix it as soon as possible, so that from one moment to another you can use Telegram with total normality.

The tweet that you talked about before is the following, and you can see for yourself in the following image. They claim that many users in Europe are experiencing anomalies in the connection but already working on it to fix it fast.

telegram esta caido no funciona

do you Have problems with Telegram? Do you not work? By the time Telegram follows fallen but you will be able to return to work at any time. Sure from one moment to another it resets the service normally. From AP we will keep informing you.

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