Swiftkey is multilingual, and allows us to speak up to five languages at once

Swiftkey is multilingual, and allows us to speak up to five languages at once

– Swiftkey is one of the keyboards used on Android. May influence the fact that it is one of the most time consuming Google Play, but we can not ignore that is one of the best performing. After you have added the text prediction based on neural networks, today Swiftkey comes with another novelty you love to the people that have friends from other countries or to chat in multiple languages.

First let’s put the context. Swiftkey has always opted for the languages. In fact, the keyboard that we can use in Android up to 125 different languages that we can install to be able to use them in our day-to-day and take corrections where necessary. If you did not know, in Swiftkey you can have multiple languages and to talk to any of them interchangeably of the distribution you’re using. Let Me explain.

Suppose that you are speaking in Spanish, but want to change to English or French. With Swiftkey it is not necessary to change the distribution, but that the keyboard detects that you’re speaking in a different language and adapt. Until the time that we could use Swiftkey with three languages simultaneously, but the new upgrade of the famous Android keyboard allows us to install up to five languages and we use it at the same time, as reported on their official blog.

If you’re one of those lucky ones that have friends in various parts of the world and, luckily, you have the ability to speak so many languages, the new update of Swiftkey will come in great. I with three of time I’m going bigger, but surely more than one will appreciate this new implementation. If you are already users of Swiftkey, you know that the update has already been deployed and should not take too long to reach your devices. If you are not, Swiftkey can be free download from Google Play, and maybe now is the time to give it a try.

What do you think of the new update of Swiftkey?

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