Surprise! The live tiles come to Android Nougat

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usually, it’s dynamic like more than the static, but if you say that spend more battery, even think twice… or not, because it might not affect it and you’ll see why very soon. dynamic icons are actually on Android Nougat. If you download the latest version of Pixel Launcher – the launcher of the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL that you can download -you’ll see live tiles that give you a lot of life to your desktop.

Are dynamic icons because they move, because they change. Not all the time, like GIFs, but yes once in a while to pass from one state to another. For example, the calendar, the time or the hour. We have therefore, new icons for the main apps of the system as a filter.

Launcher Android 7.0 Nougat APK

dynamic Icons Android Nougat

How does it work? For example, the calendar icon, instead of being a normal calendar, it will show the specific day every day. Today if is 13, it will show an icon of a calendar with a 13. Morning, with a 14. So you don’t have to open it for nothing. You will see everything from outside. Google seeks to innovate and access the content faster, with just a look.

For now, only Google Calendar

In these moments, in Pixel Launcher, it only displays the icon for dynamic Google calendar (is one of the few that have sense really). But other apps that support it, you could have the live tile soon. Surely what we see in future updates.

Is a innovation is good and that does not affect the battery. It is a process very small. Although it depends on the app. For example, widgets like Spotify that shows what’s playing consume a bit of battery to be all the time in movement. In the case of the calendar we are not going to notice, this is just 1 movement a day.

I’ll see you soon for more apps.

Via | Android Police

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