Super Mario Run will come to Android next march 23

Nintendo has finally confirmed the exact date for the arrival of the new game Super Mario Run to the Google Play Store, specifically the next march 23.

The first time that we’ve heard about the desire of Nintendo to bring Super Mario Run Android was the past month of January, when you also mentioned the month of march as scheduled period for the release of the game.

if anyone doesn’t remember, Super Mario Run was initially released in December of 2016 exclusively for iOS, and although not had the same success that Pokémon Go, the game received good reviews by the users and began to awaken the curiosity of the players of Android, who have been waiting for since then be able to enjoy the title on their mobile phones.

Super Mario Run version 2.0

Thanks to the new announcement by Nintendo, we already know that on the 23rd day of march finally end the wait of Android users, who will be able to to download version 2.0 of Super Mario Run from the Google Play Store.

What there is to keep in mind is that Nintendo will probably use the same strategy on Android than on iOS, and that is to be able to enjoy all the modes and levels you will have to pay 9,99 euros.

in Addition, the game surely will be the system of DRM that is already using the version for iOS, and this means that players must be constantly connected to the Internet. To avoid any unnecessary consumption of data, our recommendation is that you always enjoy the game through Wifi.

If you wish to receive a notification just at the time that Super Mario Run is available in the Play Store, you can pre-register by clicking here.

have you played Super Mario Run? What do you think? We look forward to your comments in the section below.

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