Super Mario Run, an error made game

recently told you how dangerous that can be the hype in Android with respect to telephony. In games for Android the same thing happens, because when a reputable company or a famous game from another platform is adapted to our android green you mess up one of god brutal that, as a medium, we need to cover. And how everything in life, sometimes you can get away well, and others it can go wrong.

Super Mario Run, the last movement of this type of hands-Nintendo has caused a stir in the Android in all aspects, even among our editors, coming to uninstall it just to play it, and others that give some reasons to give it a try. It is the soul of the debate, and therefore, I am obliged to give my point of view and it is simple: Super Mario Run is a complete error. why? Get ready to get down to the broth in the comments.

Rests, already game I

Super Mario Run interfaz

The concept of Mario Run is not bad at all. A platform game with levels linear in which Mario runs, and you must tap to jump. Logical, since it is a simplification of the essence of the previous games of Android. But this becomes a bad thing when this goes to the extreme, as is the case. Is tedious, because the only thing you do is jump, jump and more to jump. can Stomp the enemies? Because what makes the game esquivándolos. How to jump over obstacles a little bit complicated? Ni te rayes, as I do. Don’t go to herniate. The compis Urban Techno have tried it, and so you can see what I mean.

If at least give you the option to more moves could be something interesting, but apart from not having more to do, the game is irrisoriamente easy. When you finish the demo –because this also has a theme– you face Bowser, which historically has always been something complicadillo. So not: you advance a bit, and Bowser gets an axe to defeat him. Well, simple as that. And I’m not worth the excuse that it is a game in which only you, I can think of many better ways to solve this.

A demo… only demo

Super Mario Run 2

I’m Not going to get into the debate of whether the price of Mario Run is justified, because my position is that a game involves work and effort, and the payment unlocks a lot of things. But for the type of platform it is, and what the game offers as such, the price is unjustified in my point of view. As I said in another article, the paid games are not always best for having a price and this is the proof: there are other games much cheaper with a lot more quality something more unknown to the large public, such as LIMBO or Monument Valley.

Insurance you are interested in: Play Super Mario Run without Wifi is going to end up with your data rate.

The cost of unlocking all the content, levels, including is 9’99 euros currencies, including, and other content. If we are righteous, the game except funds has a job curious graphically speaking, besides with all of the content, the thing swings. But, on the other hand, you are paying 10 euros to jump by pressing the screen by letting the game do the rest without any kind of added difficulty. Just the opposite was with the criticism it received Overwatch, the last great game Blizzard accusing him of expensive, when finally it was demonstrated that not only deserved the penalty, but in the end it had just been amortised.

Nintendo, gives you a blow on the table

Super Mario Run 3

Sincerely Super Mario Run seems to me an error in and of itself, accentuated if we take into account the time we have been waiting for your arrival to Android and what it offers. It is not a good game, in my point of view not worth the investment or time or money. And the truth is, Nintendo takes a good time giving a couple of sticks of blind with Miitomo, which was a long hook that say, and in other matters such as how Nintendo Wii U, time has.

Nintendo, if you read me, here’s a tip: a blow on the table and listen to your users. Understand their criticisms, and avoid what has just happened: put the eyes on something that doesn’t deserve it just by the name that precedes it. Because then, the stones fall down, and it is not good neither for you, nor for anyone.

sorry, Mario. This time I’ve come to love.

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