Strategy infallible with giant on Clash Royale

If you play Clash Royale, today we want to talk to you about a strategy infallible with a giant Clash Royale. If you like the giant, we are going to talk to you about a combination great that lately we are finding for the sand 9 of the game. It is possible that you have not discovered this deck, but it is a pass.

do You like the giant? Do you think that you have a good deck with this card? you will Not have to continue looking for decks, because this deck is going to be the final. You can win many games and to demonstrate what you’re capable of. For you to work, remember that you will have to train a lot.

clash royale gigante

Strategy infallible with a giant Clash Royale

This is the deck starring:

  • Giant.
  • Trio of mosqueteras.
  • Collector of elixir.
  • Mosquetera.
  • Download.
  • Golem of ice.
  • Megaesbirro.
  • Spirit of ice.

In this deck, the key is in the strength of the giant. At the moment that pulls a tower, the trio of the mosqueteras side can pull the second tower easily and even the king. Is a past of deck, because it is the strongest you’ll find with the giant and with the trio of mosqueteras.

you Need to put the collector of elixir from the back to have elixir enough to play this deck. It is very important that you go by putting one or two collectors from behind. The other cards as megaesbirro, it’ll be good to play next to the giant.

Is one of the best strategies that are now in the game. This deck has been quite replicated. If you have the new card legendary Cemetery, surely you want to try to see how it looks around the tower, because it also works very well (you can change it by mosquetera).

Remember to train and have a high level of letters

Equal if it doesn’t work, is because you don’t have the high level in the cards. You already know that there are cards in certain levels stand out much more. Keep in mind this fact and raises the level of these cards. By the way, trains a lot in the clan to know how to play. When you’re ready to go to battle, give it a try. Sure that because you’ve found…

Is still very popular this week. What a enjoy!

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