Stranger Things Netflix already has its own stickers in Google Allo

stranger-things-google-allo-sticker-packStranger Things, the series that in just two seasons has achieved an incredible fame, arrives now for Android and iOS, specifically, to Google Allo.

In effect, the new instant messaging app from Google, which recently updated to its version 2.0, gives the welcome to the Stranger Things, or better said, their stickers.

Google Allo and Netflix bring you the stickers Stranger Things

as explained during his presentation, in Google Allo we have stickers, an evolution of the emojis that allow us to transmit a feeling or a message content “on a sticker”. In WhatsApp are non-existent, but we also found stickers in the Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger…

well, Google and Netflix have made friends, and from today the update Google Allo we have a new pack stickers dedicated exclusively to this resounding success of Netflix: Stranger Things. Also, Google gives us at the same time welcome to Halloween because the theme of that series is “a little scary”.


A new sticker pack of “Stranger Things” is now available for download on Google Allo, with illustrations exclusive to inspired by the series. So if you’re researching how to create a costume “DIY Lift” with your friends or debating if Barb will reappear in the second season, you’re covered.

Google | “Stranger Things” are happening in Google Allo”

This is not the only novelty of Google Allo, because from now on, we will also be able to reply to a message directly from his own notice, and as you can do in WhatsApp. If to this we add Android 7.0 Nougat, you’ll be able to boast “see Stranger Things in the top of the screen and share the series with your friends at the bottom of the screen in Google Allo”.

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