Stay Controller, the remote revolutionary of Google for their new service, video games

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Sundar Pichai, the executive director of Google, was asked to present in society to Stay, the new and revolutionary games platform in streaming of the technology giant. The service creates new paradigms, such as your experience cross-platform, which gives gamers the possibility of playing in the multiple devices: from a laptop to a smartphone or, even, by means of a tv 4K HDR with Chromecast Ultra, since the games will run directly in the cloud.

that Is why the Mountain View partnered with some of the leading companies that develop video games to offer a catalog of titles surprising and, in addition, they decided to create your own video game development studio exclusive for Stay. But, there is a key component in this whole process: Google has created its own dedicated command to Stay.

The manufacturer has designed the Stay Controller with the fundamental characteristics that every player needs for a great experience of use in the platform, and search for that is the device chosen exclusively by the users at the time of play, despite the fact that the service is compatible with other controllers that exist in the market.

Stay Controller, analysis of their main characteristics

The Stay Controller is not a controller either. In the words of Google itself, has been designed and developed by listening to those needs that own gamers require a device of this type. For example, will be connected via Wifi to the data center of Stay. So, to be able to offer lower latency, to identify and to link automatically the gaming devices and, in that way, to improve its performance.

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Even, will have two dedicated buttons: one is designed to to communicate and share in quality to 4K on YouTube with friends, or public way, sessions gameplay that the gamers are carried out in real time. And, in addition, a second button for to invoke the Wizard, Google, with which we can interact thanks to a built-in microphone on the remote control.

Will also feature a port USB type C to charge your battery, and a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones. In terms of design, the Stay Controller preserves the classical concept of the controls of traditional, although this does not mean a loss of elegance, ergonomics and minimalism. Will hit the market in three color variants: white, black and green.

Unfortunately, is unknown to both the price and the release date in this device, information that the manufacturer -surely – will provide in the coming weeks, as they still do not have the authorization of the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission of the united States) for their marketing.

Finally, a very important detail and to consider is that the device has recorded under his back easter egg (easter egg virtual) very iconic and representative of all gamers classic: the Konami code. Although, unfortunately, it is not known what will be the special features that will unlock this stunt.

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