Star Trek Trexels II, the new game that you viciará instantly

Star Trek has been a classic film that has brought with it all kinds of garments and decorative objects. However, today you will not see a shirt or any other souvenir of this saga, as you’ll be able to discover the new game that comes from the ship of the mítico capital andán Jean-Luc Picard.

Baptized as Star Trek Trexels II, it is a delivery that puts us in the galaxy with the goal of traveling to new places to complete all types of missions that they have to the strategy by a turn as the main feature of gameplay. This is what brings to offer to all fans of the world of the language klingon.

Star Trek Trexels II: news and features gameplay

The game takes on a touch pixel of the past with a mechanism and missions of the present and future rather attractive. In particular, we will be in different places and maps you can unlock as you go winning the battles of turn-based strategy.

To compete with other players from the spaceship you’ll have to use the best moves for that derribes the enemy before they suffer the consequences of your moves.

As you making experience, high scores, and games won, you can improve your fleet to give fight to any opponent, coming to get characters from the likes of Janeway, Kirk, Data, Spock and all the other stars of the galaxy.

For the rest, little by little you will become more familiar with the controls for attack and move in this action title and strategy of 8-bit.

Download Star Trek Trexels II for Android

below you will see the download link for free so that you can enjoy each and every one of the innovations that brings this title to the galaxy outside. Yes, although the title can be played at zero cost, you can also buy a large amount of objects with real money.

The game isunto available for ages 10 toyears, so probably there will be no problem that your son can try it.

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