Spotify: the free version might be more limited

After starting the year with good news for you could enjoy Spotify Premium for three months for 0.99 euros, Once again we meet with news about Spotify . While it is not fixed at the moment, we have that there are indications that Spotify users free could have a nasty surprise in the form of service limitations as told in the web ADSL Zone. Probably we are not at an absolute end of this modality, but at least one transformation worst of it.

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Specifically, they point source told the Financial Times, which echoes that Universal Music is negotiating with Spotify for free rethink their model using as leverage the song catalog of that company’s are made popular service streaming music, since for Universal Music would undermine sales of music. While Universal Music is not the only company that has agreements with Spotify, the pressure received is significant, since the service would lose a considerable amount of music if they break their partnership, and that would be a low blow.

The Buzz is that what they want with these negotiations is to pressure Spotify that in addition to what they already do to limit the free version also add maximum playback time since taking into account the figures used, the Premium model Spotify generates $ 500 million more annually than the free version with ads, and therefore considered to be encouraging more users are willing to take the plunge mode payment.

If they get to make that decision, you have to see if Spotify lost users on the path towards alternatives such as NetEase Cloud Music or Musicall, two of the my always present in my LG G3 Beat. Whatever happens, we will keep you informed of developments.

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If you finally choose to trim the free model, how do you think that would affect Spotify?

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