Speaking with 200 people for free and at the same time with Line

line hablar 200 personas gratis

If we talk about social networks, it is inevitable to mention some applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but if we add calls, we quickly go to the first option. However, there is a messaging client that triumphs in Asia, and that soon you will do something amazing: talk to 200 people for free and at the same time with Line. This popular messaging client, that has succeeded particularly in Japan, will receive soon the calls by VoIP, to compete in the market of the great.

Line, free voice calls of up to 200 people

LINE llamadasTelegram or WhatsApp. These tend to be the two options for the majority of users in Europe and America, but if we move up in asian continent the thing changes, because that Line is one of the messaging clients and more popular and used in this country. Now, with this new functionality calls, what will be even more.

Line to make calls in which exist together up to 200 people, completely free and tidy using a simple system: to remark the user that is speaking at that precise moment. what Sounds chaotic truth? What is certain is that, yes, but we’ll have to test this new functionality for know. But what is clear, is that it has a very good pint this of the free voice calls in 200 people. Is 8 times more than Skype. And we will have it available for Android.

The messaging clients are still on the rise

social networks, which also include the messaging clients, have evolved communications to a point unprecedented. They have even done disappear almost to text messages how helpful were a few years ago, although the price was exorbitant.

The developers Line will also point to to integrate its popular messaging client with a telephone operator, that is sure to give you a headache for the phone companies of asian. If the same thing is happening in Europe is expected to decline further voice tariffs and to increase the bonus data to browse the Internet unlimitedly.

The new Line is available for Android, iOS and Windows PC. Mac will have to wait a little more.

What you seem to be the new voice calls using Line? Do you think that will work that put 200 people in the same conversation.

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