Spark, the alternative to Inbox,will soon be available for Android

Spark, the alternative to Inbox,will soon be available for Android

if you didn’t know, the client Inbox of Gmail will cease to exist from the month of April. However, soon will come an application that will be the perfect alternative. We are talking about Spark, one of the best clients post iOS will land on Android soon.

If you are a regular user of Inbox, we invite you to get to know Spark. It is a manager of emails that you have everything that you need to keep your emails organized.

Spark, is the ideal alternative to Gmail Inbox

As you see, Spark said through his Twitter account that it is the perfect alternative to Inbox. In addition, invite them to do retweet and get early access to your Android app.

in case outside little, its developer, has published an article in which he outlined the 7 reasons why Spark is the best alternative to Inbox. In the text ensures that, unlike the Google service, is not an experiment but an application used by millions of people.

¿How is Spark?

email spark

Spark is an email manager cross-platform that offers compatibility with Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Gmail, Exchange and more. In a few words, it works with almost all providers of email services.

One of the biggest advantages of Spark is its Smart Inbox groups the important emails aside from those deemed irrelevant. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to have the scope of information is really valuable and discard what is not necessary. , Ideal to keep in the fight against spam!

Spark can also be:

enviar correos tarde spark

  • Schedule emails to be sent later
  • to Receive notifications of reading
  • Create templates for mails, personalized

in Addition, the tool gives you the possibility of run custom actions how to make conversations, archive them or delete them with a single touch. : More simple impossible!

there are Still a few weeks for that Spark to land in the Android universe. In the meantime, keep an eye for these applications that support Exchange mail for Android.

Source | Reddit