Soon we will have our customized Gmail address


According GSMArena informs us, it seems that Google is working on the possibility that any user of Gmail may have their own personalized email address . This is already possible for companies, which can use your own domain, but as we say, the idea now is that all you want, even a particular user can have the address you want.

Thus, if the information is confirmed finally we can all create a new Gmail address in the format [email protected]ó” . But logically, this will not be free. There will be three types of fees depending on the services that we hire, which will from $ 2 to $ 10 monthly (which almost certainly will become 2 and 10 euros to get to Europe).

Gmail dirección personalizada

As we can read in the image, in exchange for $ 2 a month , Google will give us our personal Gmail address and nothing else, keeping the space of 15 GB default. If we hire the service $ 5 a month , called Gmail for work, we can use the address with the name of our company, we will have 30 GB of storage in the cloud, and we will have access to a range of tools business. Finally, by $ 10 a month everything we Gmail for work more offers unlimited online storage 1TB per user, or if you use less than 5 users-, and extra protection for our business.

There may be something very interesting especially for small businesses, freelancers, or anyone with any type of business and want to address specifically meant for him. At the moment details are unknown, although most likely not arrive too late (when filtered something related to Google, it is usually because it is very close to being a reality). As usual, you will surely come to US users first and then make the leap to other regions, so we wait to upcoming developments .

And you do you think? Head over soon we can have our personal Gmail address to leave your mark.

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