Sony Xperia X Ultra, and its incredible display can be seen in photos

fans of Sony are going to brighten quite a bit when see this news, because we have just seen a Sony Xperia X Ultra that impresses. And is that taking in account that is called “Ultra,” the first thing we imagine is a screen giant, but is it really so great? What you have in reality, is a screen Ultra Wide.

The main difference of this smartphone is to get a different screen for this Xperia X ultra. That is to say, we expect a terminal highest, escaping from this concept of a smartphone with wide screen and vertical. But we would see this new technology of Ultra-Wide, being a higher screen to the terminal as the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 that have evolved quite a bit.

sony xperia x ultra caracteristicas

Sony Xperia X Ultra: features and specifications leaked

The render that has been leaked of the terminal Sony’s new we especially like, because we can see that the screen is more high of what we usually see in the market. This is the main feature. We see a bigger screen but not a smartphone to a larger width, so that is equal to simple to operate. As a result, we have a mobile phone with a bigger screen and without being wider so that it can be well managed, with one hand even without problems.

But what we know of the specifications of the new Sony Xperia X Ultra?

we Expect a smartphone mid-range-high for this 2017. In power, we have before us a Snapdragon 660 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. It is clear that we are dealing with a flagship, a high-end that we will not have gaps, even though we miss the last chip or the more powerful (by asking not to be).

moreover, we do not have battery problems with 3.050 mAh and quick load. Although the good part is in the chambers as could not be otherwise. We will have 2 cameras of top of the range. A rear of 19 MP and a front 13 MP. Finally, the only name that will be water-resistant to water to be certified IP68.

What do you think of this new Sony Xperia X Ultra? Do you like its peculiarity?

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