Sony is looking for users to test a new version of Xperia UI


In Sony are continuing trying to evolve. Now the Japanese automaker is preparing almost completely revamped the Xperia UI as part of a concept that has been called “Sony’s Android Concept”. According to have told the Japanese in the website to register for the beta, have designed this program to give users the opportunity to try an firmware representing a twist within the world of one of the last flagships Sony. We refer to the Sony Xperia Z3, already passed by our analysis.

At the moment this program Sony is limited only to Swedish users , and website record clearly says that will “enjoy a new user experience” before adding that receive a prototype version Sony Xperia UI. As expected, Sony has not revealed anything about this prototype , but according targeted at Android Authority could be talking about the first major rejuvenated layer customization of Sony in a while.

We know from experience with other terminals Sony before the cycle lanzamieno switched to an annual basis instead of every six months, as already happened with, for example, the Sony Xperia Z2, something we were very criticados- that changes hardware and software were incremental and minimum , and that the Xperia UI was a little custom layer that has all the tinsel from other manufacturers.

precisely the change in the layer of personalization seeketh that they can compete with others like TouchWiz in paragraph differentiation , and maybe this prototype to be deployed in Sweden could be the new Xperia UI. However, keep in mind that many users were drawn by the layer of Sony due to its low additional customization . Does this mean that Sony will lose confidence in a sector of its users?

The choice of Sweden is no accident.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

It is no coincidence that Sony have chosen Sweden as a test. is in this country where R & D division of the manufacturer is located, but according to the source point in the work that is being done in the software are losing intensity. This could indicate that on firmware approaches its beta phase , which is what users receive.

Moreover, although this is venturing much, it could also be taken as a kind of track that gives validity to the rumors of submitting a new Sony device at IFA Berlin missing for just six weeks.

In communities of users of social networks, and what we have seen in the comments of this blog, users have often talked about that Sony must change its product strategy . It may almost completely remodel its user interface is the first step to it.

It is true that in most industries the changes are bad, but industry mobile telephony works just the opposite . The lack of major changes hardware and software Sony has been most criticized between users, and perhaps the new user interface is the answer to these criticisms.

And you do you think? Head over to Sony is looking for users to test a new version of Xperia UI to leave your mark.

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  • Sony is looking for users to test a new version of Xperia UI
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