Some defective batteries Samsung cause a fire in one of their factories

What we were missing by hearing… a Few defective batteries Samsung cause a fire in one of their factories. it Is clear that the guys from Samsung are not having good luck with the topic of batteries, because they are interacting with many explosions. So much so, that last Wednesday some defective batteries caused a fire at a factory of Samsung in China. Among these products that caused the fire, we have defective batteries and other waste products.

This fire started in a factory and managed to extinguish quickly, but has worried a lot both to the company as to the users, because the problem that you are having Samsung with the batteries is not normal.


defective Batteries Samsung cause a fire in one of their factories

firefighters stated that this fire was caused by the batteries found within. The material caught fire due to lithium batteries were found in the production workshop, together with other products that were half done. It was serious although it may appear that not… because if you say you were 110 firefighters and 19 trucks I am not exaggerating.

what danger to users of the Galaxy S8?

we should Not have problems with battery for Galaxy S8. Since the case of Note 7 was an issue. But we cannot forget what happened in the summer with the Note 7, and now with this fire of the factory. It is something quite annoying.

The next month of march, Samsung will start the production of the Galaxy S8. We hope to not have problems with the battery, or damage to strange adults. But we can not ignore, that this plant of China is one of the five major production centers of China and that also makes batteries for the phones. Only we hope that the batteries of S8 are not defective or it could be the end of Samsung (at least for many users).

What do you think will happen with the new S8? How will the problems of battery or was a single point of failure that won’t happen again?

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