Solution: I can not see battles of clans in Clash Royale

Yesterday, many colleagues speak for the chat, stating that could not see the battles of the clans of the companions in the Clash Royale. As you know, yesterday afternoon the game was dropped (the window of the clan), and players could not take battle of clans. But with the passage of the hours, everything is back to normal… however, today we want to tell you what you have to do if you see that can’t you see the battle of clans in Clash Royale of your fellow.

Before anything, to tell you that this is a bug. It happens because the server will be saturated with so many games of battles of the clans who stack players, which actually is normal for this to happen. So if you can not see the battles of the clans, it is normal and now you are going to tell you that you can do.

Batalla clan modo clash royale

I can Not see battles of clans in Clash Royale solution

If you’ve past that you enter in the chat your clan and you see that you show the battles of the clans of other players in live, and you can’t come in to see them, don’t worry, it’s a bug. You’ll be able to see them equally. How? According to the trick logic ever… close and re-open the game.

This will happen to you many times, when you have a lot of live-game, and players who want to enter to see them. It is normal to go bugeado, so do not worry. You will only have to restart Clash Royale and ready, close it and open it again, and sure that you can see the battle.

also Enters when it has begun, not when it is loading the game, the first few seconds it’s going to go fatal… so waiting for that won’t have problems. Then you can exit the battle and enter when you want to.

If you see that directly is not going, is a thing of the server

Your mobile or has become insane or is incompatible with the new version of the game. What happens, is that the server crash and when this happens, there is no way to see anything. You will see that you can play normal or use TV Royale, but just do not the window of clans.

You might also want to take a look at this video from a fellow YouTube, if you’ve been left without the chest:

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