So you will win fast and easy in Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc is one of the new games of strategy, and it looks a lot like Plague Inc. In this case, it’s about leading a nation, and negotiate with rebels who want to take possession of the land.

it Is important to think about each movement that is given, because a bad decision can lead you to defeat. That’s why, today we will teach you the best tips so that you can simple way to win.

Earn reputation

rebel inc civil

The reputation of Rebel Inc is the most important, because without it you would not be able to move forward on the different characteristics of the nation. What we recommend is that at the beginning of the game you focus on increase the level of support from the Discussion of Services, to improve it at least 3 times.

In this way, you’ll be able to have enough money to be able to improve the other factions important. Although you should try that the bar of inflation does not pass of the half, so that you can lower it easily with the income of the nation. Remember, it is better to have the money to do everything so fast.

The anti-corruption is the first thing the Government

rebel inc gobierno

corruption in a nation can become a big problem with the time. So that bar is to keep it low always, it is extremely important, even more than inflation.

to be able To control this problem, you have to focus on improve mainly the section on anti-Corruption in Government. Then the Representative Districts to be able to expand the horizons. And in the end improve the other without worries. Although it is good to do so in the following order:

  • anti-Corruption.
  • Representative Districts.
  • Office of External Relations.
  • International Assistance.
  • Public Relations and Media.
  • Office Scope.

Ensure the militia

rebel inc militares

at The beginning it is not possible to activate the troops, but when you advance a bit in the factions of Government, or when the insurgents begin to attack, are activated. Just at that moment, you must begin to prepare the militia to defend yourself.

it Is very important to improve the whole of the militia so that you can deploy various troops on the field of battle. Although this should be improved slowly so that there are no problems with inflation.

Make good decisions

rebel inc decisiones

The last step to ensure victory, is to make good decisions. Remember that you you will be responsible for all what will happen to the nation. So you have to take care of negotiating with the insurgents to leave the land in peace. To do this, you must fill out the bar of white that is on the right side of the screen.

you Know you’re making good decisions when that bar starts to fill up. But you can consider the following steps:

  • In the first negotiations, you must insistirle enemies to to discuss, to converse, or talk on the theme of peace.
  • When you attain it, is the withstand at least 2 times. To do this, click on the option to resist.
  • After which you can try to be more passive with them by selecting the option where you lose 4 reputation points. If it comes up again, do it again.
  • Signing the peace agreement regardless of the consequences. This will ensure absolute victory.

┬┐You managed to win with these tips?

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