So you change the fonts of the letters on an Android device without root

If you’re bored of always having the same type of letter in your Android, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll explain how to change the fonts of the letters on your mobile phone, so you’ll be able to give a personal touch to that terminal a lifetime. We will teach you several ways to do this, you will be on your part to decide which is the best.

Change the fonts of the letters on Android is not something difficult to accomplish. Depending on the mobile you have you will need to choose a method to make the change. Quiet, we will be with you during the process to make sure that everything goes well.

to Change the fonts on a Samsung

In Samsung and other brands of Android devices change the type font is too simple:

  • Go to the Settings mobile
  • Go to the category Display or Accessibility
  • Go to the menu of Source to choose the size and style of the letter

Ready, now you can enjoy another type of letter in your terminal Samsung. Eye, this method also serves with other brands. Before I processed to try another way, try this to see if you can change the font in a few seconds.

If you made the steps mentioned above and it did not work, you can download a launcher that will help you with the customization of the mobile. The Action Launcher for example, it leaves everything very simple. You’ll just have to go to the app settings, then to Screen and choose the Font option. So easy you’ll be able to choose a new font style.

In the case that you do not want to use a launcher and your mobile does not offer a way to natively change the font, you can use dedicated tools to do this. Yes, these do not work on devices Samsung brand because the company block applications that seek to do the same. However, if your phone is of another brand, you can try to change the font with any of these two apps:

Already knew several ways to change the font on your mobile phone, what do you all use?

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