So you can enable facial recognition on your Redmi Note 7 or Xiaomi Mi 9

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The facial recognition took it very hard the last year and, while this year may not be so present in some of its variations to more advanced, has a lot of weight. If you have a Xiaomi Mi 9 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 you may have noticed that by default it is not active.

From this article we will show you how to activate in a simple manner on your Xiaomi and in less than what sings a rooster. Before continuing, we remind you that very soon you will be able to unlock applications with the recognition easy of MIUI 😉

do you Want to activate the facial recognition of the Redmi Note 7 or Xiaomi Mi 9?

The process itself has no mystery and is usually very similar from one mobile to another. Roughly you will only have to change the region but well below what you have with all luxury of details:

  • The first thing is you enter in the settings and look for “Additional Settings” in the menu. Once there locate “Region” and let it start in India.

pasos reconocimiento facial xiaomi mi 9 redmi note 7

  • Now, in “Lock Screen and password” as you will see this option and start using it with no more mystery.
  • Already have is Easy, don’t you think?

this way you will be able to enjoy the facial recognition on your Xiaomi without giving too many turns. The change of region does not affect in any way the use of the mobile so, you should not worry about anything. The reason is that, in Europe, data protection laws are more stringent, and Xiaomi has not been complicated and has eliminated the function.

In any case, we have to say that the fingerprint reader is more secure in the day-to-day, since this type of recognition is not very advanced. Not have sensors 3D or anything like that, simply use the front camera and is, therefore, not be used when there is little light.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Androidphoria

¿did you like this tutorial? Do you has been useful to activate the facial recognition in your My 9 or Note 7? Leave your opinion in the comments section and we’ll leave you with this article about the support for the recognition of native Android Q.

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