So you can delete your account of Facebook without losing your photos and your contacts

Facebook remains as the social network most used in the world. Its popularity is undeniable despite the passage of time and the emergence of new networks. However lately it has had some problems, mainly related to privacy. That is why as well as teach you to remove your account from Facebook, today we show you how to delete your Facebook without losing your photos or your contacts.

Delete your account of Facebook and do not miss your information

Eliminar cuenta Facebook

Because of the problems it has presented Facebook recently, many people have decided to delete your account in this social network. However, not all users dare to take the step. And the main reason is that nobody would like to lose all of your information by deleting your account. But if this is your case you do not have to worry about, because we have a good news for you.

And the good news is that Facebook allows you to delete your account without you having to lose the information you have on it. So you can close your account in the social network, and preserve your photos and your contacts. In this mode, you’ll have backed up everything that interests you.

How to delete your Facebook and don’t lose your contacts or your photos

Pasos cerrar Facebook

Delete your account of Facebook without losing your photos and your contacts is simpler than you think. The only thing you have to do is follow the steps outlined below:

  • First of all log in your account of Facebook.
  • Go to the menu Settings. once there you’ll find several options.
  • Access the option Your information of Facebook.

Pasos a paso Eliminar Facebook

  • There will be new options for you. You must select the second one which is to Download the information. This option will allow you to download photos, videos, contacts and everything as much as you want of your account of Facebook.
  • Here you’ll just have to mark the boxes corresponding to the information you want to save it or download.
  • After you choose what you want to download, you just need to click on create file.
  • This will automatically generate a ZIP file that you’ll be able to download. The duration of the download will be a function of the amount of files that you have selected.

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