So you can deceive WhatsApp to keep spending jokes with images

WhatsApp desactivar doble check leer mensajeAfter the boom that has created the ability to make video calls with our contacts in Whatsapp, it is to see the acceptance it has among users, because to make this type of call both contacts must have the latest version of the messaging application installed on the two terminals. Comes to Android with a stretch of the path in iOS, but you have to analyze if this feature is correctly at our terminal, so we can take a look at the test that we made of the app website.

all is Not well in the company, which is owned by Facebook, because in the last few months have suffered troubled times for the controversy on the privacy of the data of the users that used the application, because in an update they changed the terms and conditions of use where detailing that part of the data of users collected in WhatsApp would be passed to the platform of Facebook and would be displayed in the profiles, without having configured anything the users themselves.

whatsapp-envio-imagen-falsaBut provided you can look for the humor in any aspect of life. After that the company tried to soften this controversy, another issue has appeared on the horizon, and as we say it is humorous, because as we advance website, “the black WhatsApp”, that icon is so characteristic that appeared camouflaged between two images so that it could not be seen in the thumbnail, could have its days numbered, because of that WhatsApp has taken action on the matter and has imposed measures to ensure that this joke is over.

well, that day has come and the ability to insert that icon in an image has been finished, and WhatsApp has been cut off from the root one of the teasing characteristics of the story. But wait…are we on the Android truth? A system where the customization and editing come to the absolute limits, and in this case it’s not going to be less. As told from the Voice of Galicia, thanks to an application you can skip this strict measure-and-drop to “black WhatsApp” back among images without the company noticing it.

photo-magic-para-whatsapp-imagenes-graciosasThe app is called Photo Magic, that through it we will make an assembly of three images in a vertical, one of them being that we want to hide for that WhatsApp will not see it, and we’ll choose one to place it in the middle of the three, which is displayed in the thumbnail, so that no one will realize your assembly.

yes, once the person you’ve sent the image click on it, you will see the picture hidden in the top or bottom, depends on where the place. Not sure if this app will last long on Google Play, as that other of the same style have already been eliminated.

Google Play | Photo Magic for WhatsApp (Free)

What do you think of this application of Photo Magic?

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