So will the Samsung Galaxy S8 in black color

The terminals in black color, or like or not like, and users of Samsung, there were always supporters to buy terminals in black color. But the new Galaxy S8 has been leaked in an image in black that would be a concept, but it allows us to learn more about the new top range Samsung.

As you know, the new from Samsung regarding the Galaxy S8 will not be presented at MWC 2017 Barcelona, but we would have to wait to see for the month of April, approximately, because of the delay of Snapdragon 835.

galaxy s8 color negro

Samsung Galaxy S8 in black color

we Know that this terminal is not going to be in the MWC. However, it is possible that the guys from Samsung let us see in the video, in the typical video presentation of just a few seconds, and that would allow us to learn more about the Galaxy S8. A terminal that would come with the best of the best, the last one chip, lots of RAM and a chambers of a heart attack, because you always leave us speechless in performance.

What we don’t know for the moment, is if in the video we are going to see in color to black, but everything indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be in black color, as the iPhone 7 has really enjoyed this “jet black”. It is a very nice color (for me it is my preferred), because although it is true that as he wears both a mobile phone is really stylish and cool.

Samsung Galaxy S8 would be in the black for April

Everything indicates that Samsung Galaxy S8 would come out in black for the next month of April, when it was available for purchase, to add to the cart.

This version jet black for Galaxy S8 I could give a lot to talk about in this new line of terminals Samsung, because it is a color that aims to be a success in sales. The iPhone jet black is sold very well, will have to see if history repeats but now with the Galaxy S8 to the control.

What do you think the Galaxy S8 in black color? Do you what you buy or do you prefer another color like white?

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