So were the emojis on 1999

historia-emojis-1999-2we Live in a time in which we are accustomed to see the arrival of cars with the ability to conduct themselves and where mobile devices are becoming more powerful and capable. But some years ago things were somewhat different and even the emojis that today in day we use to communicate with others were different.

the year Was 1999 and a japanese company announced the first emojis with a few designs pixels of 12×12 that included smiley faces, hearts, symbols of the zodiac, among others. Eleven years later the emojis began to have an Unicode standard, with what all the emojis that are sent to you – no matter the country from which they are then – they will be the same way on all devices and operating systems.

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The evolution of the emojis show in the Museum of Modern Art, New York

During the day of yesterday the Museum of Modern Art in New York announced that it has been done with the original set of 176 emojis. This collection graph has been assigned by the telephone company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. Other acquisitions of the museum have been the @ symbol, and some video games.

historia-emojis-1999Paola Antonelli, head of the department of architecture and design at the museum, was asked about how a museum acquired something as extravagant as a symbol, or a keyboard of emojis. Antonelli pointed out that the design works in a very different way within the art, still unique in many cases. Some design elements, such as the symbol @, are in the public domain, which means anyone can use them and the museum can teach them.

it should Be noted that the museum will display the emojis in your lounge until the end of this same year, comparing the use of graphics and animations, or the connection of the old emojis with the current generation. The Unicode consortium now recognises almost 1,800 emojis.

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The evolution of these graphs has been remarkable over the years and we have been able to see the faces of the people have started including more diversity of races and genders. In fact, such and as reflected in the guys from The Guardian every time they arrive more emojis, and these are still evolving, trying to reflect and to realize the times in which we live.

it Is true that it is rare to think of an exhibition of emojis and its evolution over the years, but we can not deny that it is something very curious that it would be worth being able to see.

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