So is TouchWiz on the Galaxy Note 7

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a few days Ago that the Galaxy Note 7 went on the market and even we tell you when and where you can buy. But the users are putting special attention on this occasion, on the topic of customization of new Note 7. If you want to know all new TouchWiz in Note 7, do not miss the article because even we show you how in video.

the appearance of The Note 7 is one of the best that we remember. Looks really attractive and full with many features. As we can see in Phone Arena, with many new features.

TouchWiz galaxy Note 7

TouchWiz Galaxy Note 7: What’s New

Although it is seen that the Interface is still TouchWiz, we find ourselves with many new features but also visual changes as may be icons, and the type of letter. There are changes everywhere, and probably less where you expect it. Yes, all have done so well:


  • Icons rounded: now the icons have a different appearance, they are round and smooth. The design is improved. Look more neat.
  • Tilt to unlock: something similar we have seen in iOS 10. You’ll be able to see everything on the lock screen, without having to use the power button.
  • Sources minimalist: the appearance of the fonts is also now much better. Presents some sources minimalists that are much more attractive than what we were used to.
  • Screen is always active with more functions: you can add third-party apps, notifications, notes with the S Pen, change the style of the watch and many more possibilities.
  • New tasks on the edge: we will be able to create drawings, view unread emails.. now we have more options also from the edge.
  • quick Access to the camera with a gesture.
  • Package of icons in the menu Themes.
  • Now you can pull the notification panel. Also includes a mode for that disturb less light from the screen at night.
  • New power saving modes.
  • secret Folder with security settings. Ideal for protecting with the iris scanner.
  • Samsung Cloud.
  • New app note for the S Pen.

That’s it! As you can see, TouchWiz in the Note 7 comes loaded changes, is a true madness. All for the better, so make sure you are going to enjoy it, and well.

do Not miss the video

What did you like the video? Do you like the new TouchWiz in the Note 7?

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