So is the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, blue coral

Along with the launch of the ill-fated Galaxy Note7, the company presented a new color to your palette. It was the “blue coral”, a light blue that, now that the Note7 is not sold, it is not possible to enjoy.

however, this will change from next November 5. The company is now focused on getting the maximum return on their current top of the range, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, a phone that we looked at in its time, and therefore, will launch a model with the same color blue coral, as we confirmed from Sammobile.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, nuevo color azul coralyes, for the moment is only confirmed for Singapore, although if the demand is good, you may end up going to other markets. In fact, the image on these lines corresponds to a leak of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge blue coral that supposedly sell Verizon in the united States, although this is not confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait to see if it comes at some point to Spain and Latin america.

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As we see, Samsung continues doing everything in their power to continue to call the attention of the users with the products they already have on sale, and it is worth to remember that there will be no new top-end of the company’s asian until 2017. It is an unusual situation for them, since for years the company takes out at least a top-of-range for the second half of the year.

it Is very logical that Samsung it bet all the Galaxy S7 edge, first because it is your best smartphone right now, with the permission of its little brother, the Galaxy S7 “flat”, and the second because is the main alternative for choose users who are returning their Galaxy Note7, although we have shown that there are other very good. Although according to the experts, there are many who prefer to forget about Samsung and choose the iPhone 7 Plus.

What do you think of this new color for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge?

Image | Android Authority

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