So are the terminals publishers Andro4all: My Motorola Moto G (2014)

Personalización y aplicaciones para el Motorola Moto G 2014

We continue with our section on weekends, in which publishers Andro4all you are teaching what our current terminals. Now it’s my turn, and like my friend Carlos Rubio, also use it as smartphone Motorola Moto G major second generation .

Then I’ll tell you how they were my beginnings in Android, and then tell you about everything related to my terminal, customization, and my favorite applications. Here we go!

My beginnings in Android

As I have told you once, I leap to Android was quite thoughtful. In 2009, he was a happy owner of a HTC Touch Pro 2 A smartphone or PDA, as was customary to call them by that time, with Windows Phone 6.5, but above all, convenient sliding physical keyboard. I was fine with this terminal, and although was keen to try Android due to its seemingly possibilities almost endless , I knew that would be a more powerful computer, and without my beloved keyboard .

In fact, he called me enough attention to the HTC Dream, as you know, the first Android device history, which is put on sale only a month after that they would make the HTC Touch Pro 2. However, did not finally convinced me because it was clearly below this , especially in size and screen resolution, RAM, and from my point of view, it was pretty ugly.

Detalle del teclado del HTC Desire Z

And so they spent a few months and well into 2010, appeared the new Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire, which unfortunately for me, had everything to become my new smartphone except the sliding keyboard. But to my luck, it seems that HTC had heard my prayers, and in September of that year, announced the HTC Desire Z terminal practically traced to the original, but with the sliding physical keyboard. That is, it was just what I was looking for, and of course, made almost bought it with my eyes closed when offered for sale.


Today, after I used to not having physical keyboard, and a few smartphones mostly high end (HTC One M7 is the latest) I own a Motorola Moto G 2014, and the truth is I can not be happier . I have come to the conclusion-and I say, after having provided highly terminals range, a midrange today, and especially if it is as solvent as Motorola offers can be just as much responsible to terminals highest , yes, if we have very clear what we need, and our expectations.


That is, there are points where it is far from being a high-end, as in the photo, or when playing the most powerful titles, but at the end, is a question of priorities . I just am taking my camera smartphones , which is a factor to me practically no influence me. And moreover, Also I have an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet , which is responsible for supporting my gaming sessions, though never lacking some “casual” in my Moto G-. Therefore, to me personally I do not need at all a top model, although I acknowledge that you do not averse, obviously.

My favorite applications

Turning now to depth primarily use my phone to communicate years ago-that would be a no-brainer, but you know what we are capable today- because other more intensive uses the do with the tablet . So my not missing my home screen are those of IM WhatsApp and Telegram (now use Telegram +), those of social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (although I do not pay much attention), and Gmail.

Another of my favorites are QuickPic to the photo gallery, which for me is the best, especially since you can sync with Google Drive, and application of time Meteoclimatic -only available for Spain and Portugal – that although there has widget world’s most beautiful is the most accurate that I found then collects data directly from the meteorological station that you specify (several by all provinces).

Aplicaciones en el Motorola Moto G 2014

Google Play | WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

Google Play | Telegram + (FREE)

Google Play | Facebook (FREE)

Google Play | Twitter (FREE)

Google Play | Instagram (Free)

Google Play | QuickPic (Free)

Google Play | Meteoclimatic (Free)

are also among my essential Wunderlist to add lists and tasks that help me improve my productivity and not to forget things Trello working platform we use website Viral lite , to see any video in a floating window so that I can continue to use any other app and Greenify mode no root , that hibernate me when I do not need applications that are running in the background.

Finally, I have installed Glovebox A launcher lateral sliding and very customizable, it shows me the shortcuts you have configured previously, and I are very useful for open my quickly without having to leave the one I’m using and go to the beginning or application drawer to look for and to control certain basic settings such as Wi-Fi, GPS, brightness or Bluetooth with swipe with your finger.

Personalización y Glovebox en el Motorola Moto G 2014

Google Play | Wunderlist – List (Free)

Google Play | Trello – Organize Anything (Free)

Google Play | Viral Popup (Youtube Player) (Free)

Google Play | Greenify (Free)

Google Play | Glovebox – Side launcher (Free)

To General Customization , I followed some advice from my partner Jose Garcia, who shows in your great product to us the steps to give minimalist touch to our smartphone . And more or less, I think I succeeded, giving my terminal one aspect seems to me far more colorful than what Android offers Lollipop stock.

I use Nova Launcher -since I know always has me acompañado-, with icon pack Moonshine , which is now fully compatible with the latest version of the system, and to wallpapers, I use Minimal Wallpapers , app with which I found a background of my favorite band, Pink Floyd, belonging to the cover of the album The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Google Play | Nova Launcher (Free)

Google Play | Nova Launcher Prime (3 euros)

Google Play | Moonshine (Free)

Google Play | Minimal Wallpapers (Free)

And this is all I can tell you is my step by Android. I hope you liked it, and next Sunday Andro4all another editor will teach your terminal. Until next time!

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