Snapchat wants to avoid the mass evacuation of users, it is dying

Mejoras futuras Snapchat

Snapchat is dead. Yes, like Tuenti in your day (a network that has resisted to die and still refuses to die as a trademark). Snapchat did not want to sell to Facebook in the first few deals but Mark knew he had to slow down to the platform and did not stop again until they gave the key.

The Stories of Instagram are the most successful of Instagram in the last few years, the stories of Instagram have allowed Facebook to harvest the same success that Snapchat in 5 months (while Snapchat has taken him 5 years). The Stories of Instagram by copying the style of Snapchat are more effective and are starting to steal all the users of Snapchat, quickly and without a trace.


Snapchat know, is to focus on not losing users

Snapchat is a company that does not live in ignorance. Its creators know that Snapchat is on that tipping point in which it is about to get ruined forever, but still continues to prepare its ipo in an IPO that could assume a value of about 25,000 billion dollars.

The creators of Snapchat, not only seek to get about 3,000 million euros in the first ipo, but are also aware that Snapchat may not ever be profitable. In the last year have lost more than a million dollars daily, some $ 476 million in total throughout 2016.

Snapchat is working on new advanced filters and their ability to retrieve users

From Snap.Inc say their future efforts will focus on to stop losing users and recover to those who have left the platform. Since then, a platform like Snapchat can only be successful if the people use otherwise it will die silently until it has disappeared.

in Addition to that, we also know that Snapchat is working on new advanced filters not just be able to do a facial recognition of the person, but rather to interact with the environment and provide masks and filters a lot more complex and fun, something never seen in this type of platform.

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