Snapchat is about to integrate games within the app

This is a story that took by surprise the world of social networking. The giant company, Snapchat, based in Los Angeles. Is getting ready to launch a platform of games within the app in the month of April. The news is already completely official and has gone from one moment to another.

What are the games that have Snapchat?, how this system will work?

Plataformas de juegos en Snapchat

What is to be done is a platform for mobile games. This idea is in development and is known under the codename of “Project ” Cognac”. All the developers of the games are external and, of course, they will be able to play on Snapchat.

In regards to the developers of these games is still not known what are the companies responsible. It is not known what are the games that will come to Snapchat, this remains a total secret.

has left Only to float a rumor that says that the giant of mobile games, Tencent, which is the owner of the study of League of Legends, has shown interest in joining the project of Snapchat.

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Snapchat makes all the preparations to open the platform games

Plataforma de juegos para Snapchat

it Is known that Snapchat is gearing up for the launch of the games. Recently acquired the study of games australian, Prettygreat, for 8.6 billion. There is also another rumor that claims that Snapchat bought the studio that created the games Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride Luke Muscat.

Another purchase official and fully public on the part of Snapchat was the acquisition that made the graphic engine PlayCanvas, which was created in the United Kingdom. With PlayCanvas, you can build 3D environments that can operate over the web. This is a quality that differentiates this technology from Unity or Unreal.

despite all the official information, games that will come out to Snapchat remain unknown. It is expected that Snapchat would reveal all the contents of this new gaming platform on the summit for content partners and developers that will take place April 4 in Los Angeles.

This event where will be present Snapchat has the theme “Less words. More game”. That makes it very clear that everything will revolve around the social network and the games within the app.

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