Snapchat could throw some virtual reality goggles

gafas vr snapchat

Snapchat seems to want to go beyond the software, because you could be working on a virtual reality goggles. This sounds incredible and unthinkable, but the rumors point to it. And it is that these guys would be interested in creating augmented reality goggles. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to continue reading because we will tell you everything.

Snapchat, virtual reality goggles

The latest rumors suggest that Snapchat would be working with specialist groups on topics of virtual reality. what will look design glasses VR? Or do you simply an amazing piece of software? Everything points to it first, especially after having bought Vergence Labs, who has developed glasses.

snapchat gafas realidad virtualWhat’s more weird, is that you may want to take it in secret, we don’t know the reason, but has been leaked through Sony, and not wanting to there for 2014. Since that time, it is believed that these guys would work in a hardware of augmented reality. We do not know with what purpose, because using the app with this might be a bit strange, but sure that they have a team more than advanced to get what we intend, that we did not doubt.

Use Snapchat with glasses are smart it would be no less curious, but surely lanzasen tools to wring the most popular messaging service. what Games? we do Not know, what is certain is that for now we don’t have solid data. Only that everything indicates that sooner or later would bring their own goggles.

a lot of time Left VR front

This technology of virtual reality does not cease to be something new, something innovative. There are still few apps that are squeezed or adapted for this new technology. Snapchat could work together to be the first to do something truly good, with the best software and the best hardware.

What do you expect from these virtual reality goggles of Snapchat?

Via | TechCrunch

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