Smudges on the fingerprint reader of the OnePlus 2

One of the members of our team had a OnePlus 2, and we say had because after a small problem with your mobile phone has encouraged to get rid of it and buy the new Xiaomi Mi 5S, a mobile spectacular that we are already testing in Androidphoria and soon I’ll bring the review full in English, is a mobile mind-boggling.

The OnePlus 2 was a great mobile, at the time of your departure chinese mobiles were still not widespread in our country and many of us were not sure how they worked the Xiaomi, how to buy or process your warranty but the after-sales service of OnePlus nor is it a last.

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Smudges on the fingerprint reader of the OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2 was a mobile good, mobile perfectly valid today, but that in some cases has been problematic. We talk about on this occasion of a failure of aesthetic, the OnePlus 2 that speak to you you have left a few smudges on the fingerprint reader for no apparent reason.

This has not been the only, since we have been a look on the web and there are more users who have seen affected by this problem, a problem that is not the worst in the world but for those who like to have their mobile pristine is serious.

A problem with a difficult solution

After fighting with the warranty of OnePlus, the truth is that it take a long time to answer, our friend has not had sufficient patience and decided to sell it and buy another mobile.

The after-sales service of OnePlus is slow, if to this we add that it is in China and they probably do not speak many of the languages that interact with them, this could be a big problem. We don’t know if it will be an isolated case in the us (so have been slow to answer) but the truth is that the response has been delayed by several weeks and that can be a problem.

Sell mobile it is very easy but when you give a guarantees are there that meet and in this case the mark should replace the terminal or repairing it, is a failure of the aesthetic of the fingerprint reader it seems that it is oxidized and it is horrible because at the time of selling it can make people believe that you have misused the mobile.

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