Smarttress, the cochón that prevents infidelities


it has made Me grace, I can’t deny, despite the fact that I never would buy something like that the idea is very good and the Smarttress has been echoed in the media.

This new gadget (or piece of furniture), depending on where you look, is a mattress that allows us to avoid the infidelities or at least not allow our partner to put the horns on our mattress, will have to go to another to do it against the wall, that is to the liking of the consumer.

How does Smarttress, the mattress that prevents the infidelities?

In reality this mattress Smarttress is a mattress that at a glance looks normal but inside it takes you pressure sensors that are able to analyze the patterns of behavior and to identify when it is sleeping in it, when there are several people in the bed or when they are having sex.

These sensors are connected by WiFi through your router and will be transferred to an application on your phone that alerts you when your partner or someone is using the mattress, it is also used to notify you when the mattress detects sex in it, and therefore it could be you and your partner or a disgrace to your relationship.

Obviously if you have a mattress of this type you can your partner can’t be cheating on him (while not disconnecting it from the network), but can also do the same in another part of the house. The motto is clear, at least I don’t be unfaithful in the mattress where we slept both.

The idea is very good and although at first glance it seems that all the world will want a mattress company Durmet, not everyone will need something as well, and more taking into account that your partner can put the horns large in any other part of the house. Now, the mattress is connected already exists and has been developed in a company in Arteixo (Galicia), as always the galicians using the picaresque to launch innovative products. Without a doubt, the idea is very original and will be talking about in the foreign media, a good way to get known.

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