Skype is redesigned in Android with material design and interface improvements

Skype 6

Each company prioritizes its services on their platforms yes, but badly needed that Microsoft made an important instant messaging application Skype change.

Although he is still ahead tough rivals in the same sector of communication as WhatsApp or Telegram, Skype with its latest update gets even more potential if possible and add the lines coveted material design full and badly it needed.

This looks Skype in its latest update

From the very moment in Google Play store applications Skype is available through regular updates or download the latest version 6.0 , which brings news in both design and functionality.

The first and foremost is the new interface, maintaining that nice blue color of the application even more integrated, without losing the essence of the icons . It also includes the action button on the bottom right that, once clicked will open a drop-down options such as showing video call, voice call, video message or chat sessions.

On the other hand, search and notification messages or other alerts received from chats are now displayed in a more clear and more simple and accessible , facilitating interaction and streamlining the entire interface itself. Very necessary for everyone.

In general is an update of pure and redesign , adapting to new times with material design imposed by Google and some guidelines to follow, which gradually, day after day more developers follow. As you say, an application in constant development to make it easier and better.

If you have not received the update should do so within hours, even minutes . Still, as always we attach the link to Google Play where you can download for free, safe and fast.

Google Play | Skype 6.0 (Free)

And you do you think? Head over Skype it is redesigned in Android with material design and improvements in its interface to make your mark.

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