Since you cannot sync more than 3 devices in Dropbox at the same time

Dropbox is one of the services cloud storage more easy-to-use from all over the world. Your file management is very good, its interface also… But today we are not here to talk about it. If you use a free account at Dropbox and you use a lot of devices this affects (and much).

keep reading to know all the details of this the less curious news. Before continuing, we remind you that Dropbox is able to recover deleted files and so you can do it in a second.

Dropbox won’t let you use more than 3 devices, why?

Until the day of today, we could use a virtually unlimited number of devices in this cloud. This has come to the end today, when a user has noticed that the conditions had changed. If you have associated more than 3 mobile phones, tablet computers or you’ll have to choose who to sacrifice, although there are exceptions.

Dropbox almacenamiento en la nube

In the event that you have already synchronized more than the permitted number before march of this 2019 the restriction will not affect you. Yes, everything points to that not you’ll be able to add more if you are not going deleting so be careful with what you do.

The other option is simpler, but also more expensive. As expected, if you contract for a payment plan for Dropbox since you will be able to use as many devices as you want. The reason is very simple: it is a way to encourage their users to pay for the higher plans and get better services.

we’ll see how to take this to its users, and that do not migrate to other alternatives. Google Drive is very strong and is even able to scan documents natively. Only time will tell, what do you think about this as adding a limit? Do you think that they will lose users or not? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

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