SEonthebeach returns, annual conference for business and online marketing to the sea


From Difoosion we are trying to boost business growth online in our country, and that is why we will lend our support to SEonthebeach . This is a conference which is held annually in Spain, and seeks to bring together all professionals in the online marketing industry and the Internet as the most recognized industry experts, in an event that bet at different .

Usually such professional conferences tend to be held very seriously and almost always closed . In this type of conference papers ever they made, and it is in these talks where the particular goal of the company for the next year or the significant progress that has been made over a year is exposed. SEonthebeach plans cogresos these professionals bring to the beach , where, as they said a “much more relaxed” atmosphere is conducive.

Through this relaxed atmosphere, SEonthebeach looking give a return to the classic concept Networking and turn it into what they called Beachworking . The idea of ​​Sico of Andrew, one of the main leaders in online marketing in Spain. This concept was created as a way to “learn and relate other professionals” in a much more casual and suitable environment to build relationships for the future.

A SEonthebeach will not only work but also to have fun. For this event held different recreational activities appropriate to a few days on the coast, but that does not mean that you lose sight of the main objective.

SEonthebeach innovates also raising the papers

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As mentioned before, despite the festive and relaxed atmosphere in SEonthebeach not forget that, ultimately, This is a conference for professionals . This implies the presence of the papers, but until this issue is posed differently as they do in other events aimed at the professional sector. There are attendees who choose the speakers , and they do it through Twitter using this formula:


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the Internet congress is yoursinterneestuyo

Once a request for nomination is received, analyzed and proposed to Congress web-SEonthebeach. People vote for candidates throughout the year through recommendations on social networks and comments on the official conference website.

This is a different, novel and interesting idea this year be held on 19 and 20 June in Collados Beach La Manga, to be attended by professionals from around the Internet sector and, surely, it will help strengthen the marketing online in our country. Here you can see a video conference last year , which outlines how the congress was:

As you can see, SEonthebeach is a must for professionals , and a different way of establishing networks of contacts and learn new things outside the usual environment.

And you do you think? I stop by again SEonthebeach, annual conference for business and online marketing to the sea to make your mark.

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