Send to Microsoft Garage, a different alternative for instant messaging

Send, app de mensajería instantánea de Microsoft Garage

For if we had enough with all IM applications to choose from Android (Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, BBM, …), now wants to get in the car also Microsoft . As we report from official blog Office of the hands of Microsoft Garage was born Send an my introducing occasional novelty compared to what we see at other alternatives of this type, but whose goal is the same: to communicate quickly


In Send, you do not need to create a new account to use the service , one of its main strengths. Of course, we need an account to Office 365, and with it, and can send and receive messages from both mobile and from the PC . What Microsoft offers us here is the maximum possible speed, without complications of any kind.

Send, emails “instant”

Send mensajeria Microsoft Garage
Thus, when using Send will be like we were communicating through emails , but obviously with the sense of a conversation chat instantaneous. Upon entering the application will not see all the email addresses of our contacts from Outlook, but only have access to the conversations we have started from the very app .

, however, we can synchronize those conversations with Outlook , as is logical, and continue to send messages from it.

Rival for competition?

For the moment, Send is only available for iOS devices and only in selected markets, but is also confirmed that Android will both Windows Phone as quickly. Thus, it is still too early to determine whether this new application will be able to compete head to head against stiff competition that we mentioned at the beginning, and now dominate the situation, especially WhatsApp.

Send is behind a large company like Microsoft, so if it wanted, could become a serious and very option to consider.

And you do you think? Head over to Send from Microsoft Garage, a different one for instant messaging to leave your footprint alternative.

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