Sees all the deleted messages in WhatsApp without root

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As you already know, you can now delete your WhatsApp messages without any problem. In the event that you repent of having sent any message or file you can delete it immediately. So your contacts never receive the message.

Now, in case you are sent a message, the sender delete it, but you want to see it, you have to know that you can do it without any problems. With WhatsRemoved+ you will be able to detect and recover any deleted file, so you can read it or watch it.

How can I see deleted messages of WhatsApp?

of course, what you have to do is the easiest thing since you just need to download the application WhatsRemoved+.

best of all is that with this app not only you will be able to view deleted messages from WhatsApp. Also serves for other applications as is the case of Telegram.

Before you begin, if you’re having problems with the privacy of WhatsApp. Here’s how to talk on WhatsApp without sharing your profile photo. This is a very useful option for those who wish not to share your personal information.

ver mensajes eliminados en whatsapp

once you open the application you’ll see a listing where you can view the apps that you have in your mobile. There you will have to to select the applications which you want to obtain notifications when a user delete a message or a file that you have sent.

Also you’ll be able to choose whether you want the application to notifies you when to delete a message, or, also, multimedia content. Also, you’ll be able to choose the folders where you want to store the deleted information.

you can Also organize your content

como ver msj eliminados en whatsapp

When WhatsRemoved+ notifies you that a message you have sent has been removed, you can see that message by clicking in the alert notification. A very important feature is that you’ll be able to find and organize all your content with useful labels and folders.

In the top bar of the application you will be able to locate the name of all the apps with each of their corresponding messages and files. Similarly, there is a set of tags that you segmentar√°n contact information that the app has retrieved.

Finally, if you want to locate a message in WhatsApp to quickly and do not know how to do it, don’t worry. Here’s how to use the advanced search WhatsApp that will allow you to find all types of files. It will be very useful and save you a great amount of time.