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Android blanco y negro

When I saw for the first time the power saving mode and end my Samsung Galaxy S5 I was dumbfounded, the screen of the Android mobile is put in black-and-white. Yes, the panels AMOLED let you turn on some pixels when they are black, and this allowed the mobile to save a large amount of battery power when the image is left to process the colors.

Now, so you can put your mobile in white and black, Suyash Srijan has created a free app that lets you put the screen of your mobile phone in color white and black. Monochrome for Android is an application completely free, but there is a detail without importance for it to work, you need to be root users.

Pantalla Android blanco y negro

How to put the screen of your Android black and white?

To put the screen of your Android phone in white and black simply install Monochrome and grant permissions root, permissions required for the mobile to be able to work with the image, since the application works directly on the GPU and is compatible with mobile phones that carry the Android 5.0 or higher.

Monochrome occupies about 2 MB and works directly, without intermediate layers, with the GPU and that is why you need root access. Yes it is true that make you root for put the screen in black-and-white is not a solution, but if you are root or did you have thought to be this application allows you to modify the colors of the screen easily.

To use Monochrome and turn it on there is only that using the application, and the intermediate bar. In addition to that, the program allows you to activate a point machine in the that pass the screen color to black-and-white (getting to a point of battery, for example). It can also be put as a default mode to always see your mobile in white and black although this will be less usual.

Monochrome is one of those developments unique to many users can not come to have no sense but for both to save energy in your mobile as to experiment with all sorts of things that will happen to you by the head is worth trying.

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