Season 6 of Fortnite: pets, skins and everything you need to know

Currently Fortnite is one of the most popular video games all over the planet. So much so that it has been one of the main causes in more than 200 divorces in the Uk. In this opportunity we will tell you all you need to know about the season 6, Fortnite. So you’ll be able to know what are the new features introduced in the new season of the successful battle royale.

If you play Fortnite, then read with attention because you ‘ll tell you everything you need to know about the Season 6. In addition, we will tell you what it is that brings the new Pass Battle, something that the players of this battle royale will appreciate quite a bit.

Knowing fully the season 6 of Fortnite

Two new areas have been included, and players will have to fight in them to face the “corruption of the cube”. These are called the Alameda Howling and the Enchanted Castle. According to the company, these will be filled with rocks ghosts that consumers may use to acquire different powers.

at The start of a pass of the battle the players will be able to obtain another Pass of Battle. In this season 6, the pass offers more than 100 rewards with a value that exceeds 25,000 turkeys and that can be dquirir in the game for the 850 turkeys. In case outside little, it will come with two exclusive skins for those that purchase: Calamity and Called DJ.

Without a doubt, the greatest novelty of the season is the incorporation of pets. These are acquired when you level up and complete challenges. Huesete, Drake and Cami are the new mascots will accompany the player in battle royale. They will react depending on what is going on in the game.

in Addition to the maps, skins and the new Pass of Battle, in the season number 6 of Fortnite will be able to make games cross. That is to say, the users of PlayStation 4 will be able to confront the Android in the classic game of Battle Royale.

And to you, what is it that you called the attention of this new season?

Source | official Blog of Fortnite

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