Sandisk Ultra SD XC, the first microSD that allows you to install Android apps

CES 2017 has left us an impressive card microSD Sandisk Ultra SD XC 256 GB. But it is not a card either, because it is the first certified with the specification A1. This means that it is the first that allows you to install Android applications. What the problem? It costs an eye of the face, but it will soon drop in price, so you will have to follow him very closely.

a month ago went out the standard SD – A1 that adds the possibility to certify the installation of Android apps on the card itself. This is awesome, because it allows a running stable, that you do not have to waste any since then. The best part is that you can already buy it, but it is not cheap.


Sandisk Ultra SD XC, the first microSD that allows you to install Android applications

We are very happy with the guys from Sandisk have launched the first card (worldwide) certified to install Android applications. We are faced with a card of 256 GB, which is quite a lot, because it not only increases the price to include the new standard, but to be both storage, it is normal that it is much more expensive… so much so that it becomes a little prohibitive.

Between the features of Sandisk Ultra SD XC, highlight:

  • Specification A1: maximum speed when opening apps, being more stable the process, because it is a standard that the best manufacturers would start to incorporate to your cards to give you more possibilities to the users.
  • Card of class 10.
  • – Reading up to 95 MB/s.
  • Compatible with Memory Zone.

This card is one of the best you’ll find on the market right now. It is perfect to install Android apps in. So there is no waste. And have a lot of free storage, for good or for evil, of course.

Release and price on Sandisk Ultra SD XC

with Respect to price and launch of Sandisk Ultra SD XC, we have a microSD that has no waste, because it is the first A1 of the Sandisk that you’ll be able to buy now.

The price of the… most high, 159,95 $ . It is very expensive. We’ll see what price it comes to Spain, but it sure does not take long to get to us we can allow all. Note, that as soon as you start to see more of the certification A1, will come down in price. We will soon see more apps like these. What a win!

More information | Sandisk

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