Samsung will recycle the units of the Galaxy Note 7 (and sell some as refurbished)

The guys from Samsung have been talking about recycling plan that lead out to the Galaxy Note 7. It is clear that recycling the components of the Note 7 removed, it is important to ensure that they are meeting the standards with the environment. But as a result of this measure, it has also come to light that the boys from the south Korean sold a few units of Note 7 to be reconditioned in some markets.

The guys from Samsung, through this article we have spoken of the principles of recycling that are following to the Galaxy Note 7 discarded. You can’t miss it because we talk about 3 guidelines that you are going to surprise for sure.


Samsung is going to recycle the units of the Galaxy Note 7

It has been confirmed that the guys from Samsung will recycle the units of the Galaxy Note 7 that have been withdrawn from the market. To do this, go to based on 3 points that we detail below:

  • shall Assess the units able to be restored, and so sell them (as we told you previously these would be sold as refurbished products in some markets in the world. That is to say, what is worthy, is good and is not dangerous will be launched to the market.
  • Are separate components of some units that are going to recycle. That is to say, the units that are going to recycle, more specifically, of some, are separate components to be re-used as chips or modules of chambers. Components that work without a problem separately.
  • to extract metals. Also they are going to extract metals that have been used for the manufacture of the flagships of Samsung, we have from copper to gold or silver.

As you can see, these are the Samsung plans to recycle the Note 7 in favor of the environment. As there have been many rumors about it that they feared for this.

Sold some Note 7 as reconditioned

With this, Samsung seeks not to lose all the money you could lose if you had to throw absolutely everything. We like the plan of recycling and we look forward to seeing those refurbished products soon. Will not go in all the world, possibly not we’ll see you in Spain.

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