Samsung wants to reinvent the LED notifications

Camara Galaxy S7

Samsung wants to reinvent the notification LED with a new technology, Smart Glow. This feature aims to be a light ring around the camera lens that would be located in the back, and it would illuminate when we might receive notifications. This may be configured as the users wish, to a greater or lesser alert, battery status, and much more.

As we read through the guys from Sam Mobile, Smart Glow would be the alternative to the LED notifications of Samsung. It is clear that all that is innovate and have new features we love, so that all eyes are on this new functionality that you would get to the terminals Samsung this year, according to the rumors. Don’t miss it in the following image:

smart glow

Samsung wants to reinvent the notifications LED with Smart Glow

The guys from Samsung did not stop innovating and now they want to do it in an important arena that is always attracting to the users, in the field of notification LED. This feature is something that by default we all like, as the mobile lights up and alerts us that something new is happening (call, message, whatever).

This alternative of Samsung goes by the name Smart Glow, and as you mentioned, would be located in the rear camera, in the lens, to light up when receiving notifications. All this we could configure it to our liking on the basis of messages, calls, alarms, battery information or any type of notice.

This new alternative, in addition, it would help users take better photos, what more bright? That we look forward to since then. This technology promises to detect the faces much faster and easier, therefore, to take better photos.

Smart Glow would come with the Galaxy J2 2016

Everything indicates that the Smart Glow would come with the new Galaxy J2 2016, of which you have counted interesting data. This terminal will be launched in India. Will have to see how it gets to our market. We will follow him closely since then.

What do you think of the new Samsung? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments below.

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