Samsung Galaxy Note 8: New renders imagining your design

Samsung has just launched its flagship, the Galaxy S8 very recently, but the Korean giant is already thinking about his next big release. Despite the good reviews and the many reviews that the phone is obtained, the company plans to stay market leader remains steadfast. It is known that they are already working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In fact it has been said already that it will be launched in the second half of the year. Despite the fact that the launch is expected within a few months, little is known about the same.

Many rumours claim that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a larger version and with some added extras of the Galaxy S8+. The curiosity is at a maximum. So much so that a group of designers called DBS Designing have decided to recreate the way in which they believe that the Galaxy Note 8 will be. do you Want to see it?

Features Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Despite the fact that it is a recreation, since we do not know the actual design, the images are really impressive. The company has designed a phone that promises much. This prototype of the Galaxy Note 8 has a screen of 6.4 inches. Another thing that is striking in its design is the almost total absence of edges. Something that was also commented on with the Galaxy S8. The screen does not present corners too curved in this case.

camera it is an aspect of that I already talked about above. Samsung first phone with dual camera rear with this model. Without doubt a great step for the Korean giant. One of the biggest problems for many experts with the S8 was the position of the sensor footprints. DBS Designing has obtado by slightly change the position of the camera, in a manner that allows the finger sensor is a little more down.

Galaxy Note 8 also has an RAM 6GB, a memory 128GB and a battery of 4,000 mAh. Also the phone would work with Android 8.0. It remains to be seen if all these data and characteristics are certain. If so, we find ourselves before a phone what is more interesting and can give many joys to Samsung. We leave you with a video about this spectacular design devised by the company. What do you think of this design? Do you think that will be so in reality?

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