Samsung announces mass production of the new chip in 10nm

samsung-10nm-chip-produccionThe best thing you can do for a large company that has just suffered a great crisis is to move forward and try to clear as soon as possible what happened. That is what is happening with the Korean giant Samsung, which you should try to get away as soon as possible of what happened with its disastrous Galaxy Note7 in such a short time after their release into the market and try to win back users.

just a few hours, the giant technology has announced that it has begun mass production of the new chips to 10nm, something that until now had not made any company. In addition, Samsung also states that these chips will be mounted on a device that will be launched early next year and 2017, so we will see very soon in action.

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Samsung, the first to mass-produce chips on 10nm

We have to remember that the last few weeks that we got to see a rumor in the related to the Korean giant with the production of a new Snapdragon 830 with process of 10nm. Now, after the statements of the company itself, these rumors take on even more force and brings us even closer to a new device came along with the difficult task of clearing the good name of Samsung.

samsung-10nm-chip-produccion-2as it has been know until now, the manufacturer will make use of a technology which they have named as a Fan-Out Panel Level Package (FoPLP). This new technology will give Samsung the ability to make the chips without having to make use of a printed circuit board to the substrate, giving as a result a few chips thinner and, therefore, gaining more space within the terminal.

The new process of 10nm used by the guys from Samsung adopts a structure of a transistor 3D advanced that, in comparison with the previous model of 14nm, it comes with improvements both in technology and design. And is that thanks to the new manufacturing process for 10nm, the new Snapdragon 830 may be cheaper to produce and would have a lower energy consumption, as noted from GSM Arena.

In this way, everything points to that we are in a race in which manufacturers are seeking to reduce the thickness at the time of manufacture of the chips. And that is that we have to remember that TSMC has already announced some months ago, at the beginning of 2018 would be manufacturing processors with the process of 7nm.

Will clean up Samsung its name with the arrival of a new device early next year, 2017?

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