Samsung announces its external batteries mAh 8,400 and 11,300 ‘Animal Edition’

Samsung Animal Edition

One of the most important issues, both to acquire a terminal as prolonged use is the battery, a section has become critical in recent times and of course, firms have taken advantage removing external batteries to charge your terminal wherever we go. Some we’ve seen here have been the OnePlus Power Bank, of Aukey or even Xiaomi, all low cost, high amperage.

Of course, Samsung could not miss the birthday party and has launched its battery pack specifically four with different design and capacity, together with the solidarity campaign ‘Load life’ or ‘Charge the life’ which aims to raise awareness of endangered animals exitinción. These batteries come with 8,400 and 11,300 mAh depending on the animal we choose, where we find the panda, giant panda, fox -zorro Fennec- and vervet monkey -Mono gold -.

Samsung Animal Edition-
Samsung Animal Edition_

The batteries incorporate a retractable microUSB connector, a microUSB port and a generic USB. On the front are 4 LEDs that indicate the remaining battery power bank to be activated with the push of a button on the side, all with a power output of 2.0A, for and get a quick charge versus traditional charger.

Also, friendliest way can download an application from Google Play -only available for Galaxy- terminals on the battery once we appear connected one of the four animals in animated form indicating the load terminal next to user interactions.

External batteries in question are priced at 64,99 euros for the release of 8,400 mAh, and 74.90 euros for 11,300 mAh . Its price is high since a good portion of the proceeds go directly to nonprofit organizations involved in the care of endangered species , what is needed in the time we meet.

Samsung Tomorrow | Samsung Battery Pack ‘Animal Edition’

Google Play | Charge the Life (Free)

And you do you think? Head over to Samsung announces its external 8,400 and 11,300 mAh ‘Animal Edition’ to get creative batteries.

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