Samsung about the speed of the SSD to mobile devices with UFS 2.0

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Nuevas memorias UFS 2.0 de Samsung

already said some industry analysts: 2015 could be the year for Samsung. And the truth is that not look too bad year for the South Korean firm at least in terms of technological advances is concerned . We have already discussed that Samsung already has the necessary technology to begin manufacturing chipsets with 14 nanometer process, a truly significant improvement that will significantly improve the performance and energy consumption of our mobile devices.

In addition, experts have also ensured that Samsung is much better than its competition in the race for flexible displays, and even this year could already show panels capable of folding in full logically without suffering any damage. However, the news that we bring today is much closer to these future projects, is that the Asian giant has just introduced its new memory storage flash 128GB, with the new UFS interface 2.0 , which is to significantly improve the current eMMC.

According explains the company, UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 2.0 makes use of technology “command queue” -misma using the lightning-fast solid state drives (SSD) -, resulting in a speed virtually tripled to that achieved by current reports eMMC 5.0 mobile devices riding high end market. Also ensure energy savings of 50% over conventional memories

As another example, the speed of random read UFS 2.0 12 times higher than the typical cards offer high speed memory . So, all this should result in a much better user experience than they currently enjoy, especially on reproduction of multimedia content, especially video Ultra HD since when using multitasking, you will get faster and smoother than as we know it.

Samsung has begun mass producing 128GB memories with this new interface , and also do the same with 64 and 32 GB. Therefore, it may be still too precipitate see UFS 2.0 on the new Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S6 Edge, of which a few hours ago we saw pictures even talking about Samsung, everything could be. Anyway, on Sunday the know, and we will bring all information and all that brings to us the MWC 2015.

Samsung Tomorrow | UFS 128 2.0 GB

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