Run An Empire, augmented reality and sports to conquer your city

The Android games have taken a leap in quality in the last few years. We have all types and colors and, today, we’re here to talk to you about Run An Empire. This game combines augmented reality and sport to give rise to a perfect reason to do more sport in your day-to-day.

Before you follow you should keep an eye on the Neon: the future of augmented reality games. Comes from the hand of Niantic so that it’s guaranteed to be a good delivery.

The augmented reality and sports unite in Run An Empire

Explain how it works this game is very simple. Roughly, this is the conquistar areas of your city by running for them by the use of augmented reality. is The purpose? to Create an empire and be the “king” of your area, something that sounds very good. But not everything is so simple…

you’ll have to keep your territories by running or walking for them frequently for other players not to do with them. It is a very good way to keep in shape and incentivarte to do sport. In addition to get a little more far away from you does be aware, the key to improving your times.

One of the things that we liked is that not interfere at all while you’re “playing”. you will Not have to stand up every 5 minutes to see how you are doing and what you have conquered, on the contrary, it is automatic. It is a different style to the Pokémon Go, and your system pokeparadas.

is it Worth the money to play?

The application is totally free. however, you can pay to get gems and some advantages if you really play a lot. That is your decision, below you have the direct link to the Play Store to download it.

It is fair to say that, being so recent, it is a very good opportunity to spend some time and conquer all around you. Surely in a few months to take off and be more difficult to get rewards.

¿What has seemed to Run An Empire? Does it sound like a good idea or do you think that is still a little green? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

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