Rumblr, the controversial app to pick a fight

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¿to Get to link? What is that?Why not stay the best for a street fight? So it’s Rumblr through its website announcing a application that allows you to be with the thugs the barrio to stick somewhere discreet.

The Tinder of the fights, that’s what you get Rumblr. In theory this app is recreation, an activity and leisure as any other that allows the people who likes to fight that is to find, meet and fight with an audience around. Obviously, also you could meet in a discreet but that is too dangerous, almost best to meet in a huddle like they did in the fight club.


How does Rumblr, the Tinder of the fights?

to be able To use Rumblr you have to create a profile which will include basic data such as the height and weight. In addition to that you’ll add information about the disciplines that have mastered: muay thai, karate, american kenpo, mma, boxing, full or any other.

The experts do not see it very clear that you get to organize fights and what is true is that it would not be surprising that promote violence is something punishable by the law, then to fight a “legal” way because they are different disciplines and competitions where people are confronted in a lawful way. In many states and countries the street fights are illegal.

The funny thing is that the application includes a chat for the challenge, and the people that make comments like: I don’t like your face, do you want the split? – What is certain is that it looks like a joke but it is the functioning of the same.

how Spectator or participant?

fights will appear marked on a map to locate and go to see them. You can go as a spectator or even as a participant, that’s up to you. If you’re using Rumblr Explore you don’t have to fight, you can attend the fights to see them, and even to control the fight if you want.

as you go participating in different events, you have statistics with your record of wins, losses, etc., in Addition, Rumblr will be a totally free of charge. If you want to use Rumblr have to be put in the web because the application still does not work. There are already 80,000 people interested in the application, and 2000 of them will receive the beta version. Will finally Rumblr to the app stores?

No, thank god Rumblr does not exist. It is only a marketing trick but… were you really interested? did you want to fight in the street with other users?

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