Rooting the Google Pixel is and it will be possible to

¿What would a Google phone without being able rootearlo? you don’t want to think about it, right? What is true is that yes it would be possible to rotear a Pixel, despite of the security measures that we have found in the Nougat. However, a developer who is a genius has gained access to the rooting Pixel. Is this important to the root over all in a terminal of Android, Pure Google, because you can always access to more advanced features and that is great. Chainfire’ve been the one who has rooted the Pixel.

Surely you’ve heard of DM-Verity. Until today he was the enemy of many users, because it is able to check if the phone is rooted. If it is, many apps will not work. It is the most powerful that we’ve had to date.

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Rooting the Google Pixel will be possible

This developer you surely know by SuperSU, quickly managed to rooting the Google Pixel, because what is true is that it takes not too much time in the market. What had on his Twitter, showing a picture of your terminal Pixel with the confirmation of SuperSU to access the system.

it Is clear that there is always someone that gets passed the barriers of Google, for very good your engineers and developers.

How to got it? Disabling DM-Verity (that is the one who locates the mobile rooteados and prevents them from accessing many apps). I also need a /system modified to cheat the system. However, it is looking for alternatives to make a “systemless root” that does not require so much mess and so make the procedure easier for the users that want to root the Pixel.

The root of the Pixel to the users, a matter of time

we Can confirm that Google Pixel you will be able to root without problems. This guy is already working on the procedure to make it easier. Everything indicates that in a few weeks we already have the steps to follow.

as soon as we have it we will soon put them here so that you can rooting your Pixel. To be a terminal expensive is it possible that you fear to take this step. But the developer knows more than us, so for sure nothing is going weird.

What do you think of the news?

Source | XDA

The post Root the Google Pixel is and it will be possible

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