Retro aliens invade your Android Wear in Invaders

Invaders para Android Wear

If you love games retro I’m sure you know Space Invaders . This arcade video game designed by Toshihiro Nishikado and released in 1978, became famous around the world and could play in any bar or in recreational. Then came all platforms with many changes and now, thanks to Virtual GS, we can play in our Android Wear from anywhere and at any time.

The game keeps the aesthetics of eight bits that characterized the original version Space Invaders, but perfectly able to eliminate the need for physical buttons to screen using our SmartWatch as a controller. This would be appreciated by fans of the game as all who juguéis, allowing the game to move with complete fluency.

The operation is really simple . When we install in our Android Wear only we have to tap the screen to start playing. The waves of alien ships will be happening and we have to tap the screen to move our air tank, which triggered only or every time you click on it.


As we go destroying hordes of enemies, earning points and go up the difficulty. must go dodging the rays we shoot the aliens until they either reach the Earth or kill us after receiving two strokes. At first the game is quite complicated as they play on such a small screen is difficult, but after two or three games will control it perfectly .

The game, of course, we can download so completely free on Google Play and, at least in my LG G Watch runs smoothly. It weighs 7.5 MB and, as I say, it works great. If you are looking for a fun game to play in your spare time or while going on the bus, for example, Invaders is pretty good and also is free.

What do you think Invaders? What’s your highest score?

Google Play l Invaders (Free)

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